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A psychiatrist with a Private psychiatrist centre, Dr. Eno Kufre, said that depression was the major cause of premature death.

Kufre during an interview with newsmen in Abuja simplified suicide as the act of intention to cause one’s own death.

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“Though suicide is an intentional act of man, it is jolting to realise that it is the 10t leading cause of death globally.

“Approximately 12 in 100,000 people deliberately end their lives.

“Suicide is not inevitable if we are more conscious of the signs and symptoms of depression.

“If we are all ready to stick out our necks and be Good Samaritan’, we will help not a few people avert untimely death and lifetime complications through suicide and failed suicidal attempts.

“Suicide is not inevitable, we only need to be more sensitive and helpful,” Kufre said.

She said that although more women tend to attempt suicide, men are more likely to succeed in ending their own lives.

Kufre said men are more decisive and tend to complete whatever they fix their hearts on.

“Most people who commit suicide have lived with depression for a while and the cause of depression varies  from sudden tragic life events such as accidents leading to a physical disability and loss of livelihood.

“Others are loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, prolonged periods of hardship, contracting or being diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease, among other causes.

“A significant proportion of others who commit suicide may not necessarily have been depressed for a while, but may have suffered very disgraceful events of life and incurred shame and loss of their self-dignity,” she said.

She also said that some suicide happens when a person with certain psychiatry illnesses that cause them to have auditory hallucinations.

Kufre said these voices of unseen persons sometimes instruct the victims to go and kill themselves by varying means, and some recorded acts of complete suicide and others of attempted suicide have been from victims’ obedience to these unseen voices.

She, however, said that most people don’t want to die but want the pain of the moment to stop, saying that if we get a hint of the tendency to commit suicide in a person, one should offer advice or help to such person, in resolving his problems.