Northern Nigeria More Enlightened Than South - Momodu
Prince Tony Momoh/Photo:

People from the northern part of Nigeria are more politically enlightened than those from the south, ex-Information Minister Tony Momoh has said.

According to Momoh, the average person from the north has access to information and thus better positioned to make the right political choice.

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He said many persons in southern Nigeria had a slack attitude towards political activities and were good running commentary on social media.

“Let me say this with all sense of responsibility that the Northerners, you can say they are illiterate, but they are more politically enlightened than the average Southern voters,” the All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain told Daily Independent.

“If you see the Fulani herdsman, one thing he has apart from his stick is a radio and he is listening to Hausa service.

“So, let us not deceive ourselves, these people are more politically enlightened than the average Southerners.”

He added that “When it is time for voters registration, they go home to register. When it is time for election, they go home to vote.

“How many of my people here travel home to vote during elections? Look at social media for example. A lot of our people are very active on social media but social media don’t vote.

“Those who manage social media should go and have their PVC. It is only PVC that gives you what you want through expression of your civic right by voting.

“On the day of election, some of the elites don’t even get out to queue and vote. We sit down in our house and watch televisions.

“More than 80 million people have been registered by INEC to vote but I am telling you, not up to 40 million people will vote nationwide.

“So, northerners are more politically enlightened than us.”