Man Kills Daughters Wife Mother-in-law
Police. AFP

A 24-year-old man, Robert Harvey, has sparked muffled tears as he reportedly slain his wife, mother and three daughters in western Australia.

Police in Australia said on Monday that the suspected murderer remained in the family house days after he murdered his family before turning himself in.

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It was learned that this brutal attack was the third to hit a family in the Western Australia state in recent times.

Harvey has been charged with the murders of his three-year-old daughter Charlotte, his twins Alice and Beatrix, his 41-year-old wife Mara and his 73-year-old mother-in-law Quinn.

AFP gathered from Police Commissioner Chris Dawson that the attack which occurred in South-west of Perth was believed to have been carried out with “a blunt instrument and knives”.

“We’re alleging that the murders took place over two days,” he said.

“The mother Mara and her three children were all murdered over a period of time on the third (of September), and that Mrs Quinn was murdered the following morning.”

Dawson alleged that the children were attacked in the room while the women were killed in the kitchen.

“We are alleging that Mr Harvey remained at the… house for some days before heading north,” he added.

It was gathered that the bodies of the five victims were found at the detached building a week after their deaths after Harvey handed himself to the police in a remote mining area on Sunday.

Harvey will be having a court hearing on September 19.