I’m The Best DJ In Nigeria Says DJ Humility
DJ Humility

Popular Nigerian Disc Jockey Benedict Afagwu, better known as DJ Humility, has declared that he is the best DJ Nigeria has ever produced in recent times.

Speaking with GoldmyneTV, DJ Humility said: “I have always seen myself as the best DJ in Nigeria. I agree that we have good DJs, but I know my ability and capability.”

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Admitting that there are days he gets broke, DJ Humility, however, revealed that if a DJ was good at his job, it would not be possible for him to be broke for too long.

“If you are good as a DJ, someone will call you before things get out of hands. You may not be able to get the amount you collect normally as a DJ from the job, but it will help your immediate needs,” he added.

“DJs are not like artistes. When an artiste’s music fades out, he is in trouble. But for DJs, people hold parties every day.  And when you are a leading DJ,  jobs must come your way regularly.”