APC Group Disapprove Indirect Primaries In Kaduna State
Casting vote

Some stakeholders of the Kaduna state chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) said it will not consent to the indirect primaries for selecting candidates as proposed by the state.

Leader of a group called ‘Aspirants Forum’, Jalal Falal, who is also a governorship aspirant under the platform of the APC,  stated this while addressing newsmen on Friday, in Kaduna
Falal noted that the indirect primary was prone to manipulative influence of those practice corruption and buying of vote.
According to him, he said their rejection was a  collective decision in favour of the adoption of Direct Primaries as the most ideal mode of nominating candidates for the 2019 general elections in the state.
”We adopted this position after a very careful analysis of the dire geopolitical situation of Kaduna State in particular, and that of Nigeria in general.
“The role of the APC, as the ruling party is, to say the least, very crucial in moving forward the political-economy of our great country.
“It is an open secret that the APC in Kaduna state has been under the total control of the Governor and his anointed godsons and daughters,” he said.
He alleged that the bulk of the members of the party, including critical stakeholders who gave their all to enthrone APC in the state, have been marginalized and excluded from the mainstream affairs of the party.
”Perceived enemies of the Governor are hounded and persecuted to no end. Jobs are lost, homes and businesses are demolished with careless abandon and extreme premeditated malice,” he said.
 According to him, the group holds the view that the APC must walk the talk, adding that the party came to power on the mantra of fighting corruption and the enthronement of the ideals of participatory democracy.
”This process in itself begins with recruiting for elections the most capable, popular and trusted candidates, through processes that are credible and widely accepted by members of the party,”he said.
Falal urged the state governor and the party to be on the same page with the Aspirants Forum in having the moral courage to do what is right by taking the path of honor.