Lydia Clarke dies
Lydia Clarke. Source: Instagram.

Hollywood actress Lydia Clarke Heston has been declared dead by her son Fraser in a statement released on Wednesday.

Concise News obtained from Fox that the actress who was the widow of late Oscar-winning actor Charlton Heston for 64, passed away on Monday.

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Heston according to the statement died after complications with pneumonia.

The Statement read, “She lived an amazing life. At 95 years old she knew a lot of famous people from John F. Kennedy to Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

“My mother was very active in the civil rights movement and even marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. She had a great love for photography and has travelled all over the world. She was prone to sea-sickness, but she sailed every sea in the world.”

The deceased actress is survived by son Fraser, daughter Holly and grandchildren Jack, Ridley and Charlie.