Pretty Mike Women Control Men Sex
Pretty Mike and Chained Girls

Popular club owner Pretty Mike has said that sex is one of the ways women can keep men under their control.

He said even the fight for gender equality by women has been achieved through the intimacy between a man and a woman.

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Mike explained his point with reference to how a 19-year-old girl would keep a 45-year-old man under her control because of her feminity.

He said, “SEX is one way women can keep controlling men. That’s why you see a 19-year-old girl causing a 45 year old man to behave like a 13-year-old boy.

”Sex has done well for women empowerment because women are the gatekeepers of companionship, sex and satisfaction.

”Men condone very disrespectful behaviors from very young girls of their daughter’s age because they are hoping to have sex.

”So many beautiful and smart women have benefited uncommon favours and placements from powerful men who would do anything to have sex.

”Meanwhile, men are expected to hustle and die for half the benefits being handed to sexy girls for nothing��.

”No thanks to men’s high sexual drive and the steady overration of sex, women have managed to make the world believe that men want and enjoy sex more than women.

”A woman can manipulate a man’s attention, kindness and obligations through smart adjustments and rationing of sex. That’s why a guy will keep chasing the girl he is yet to sleep with.

”There is a growing number of emotionally strong and mentally commanding young girls who have mastered the game of sexual consenting and rationing and they are using that knowledge to empower themselves.

”Sexual consent propaganda is a powerful weapon women have used to bring men down. It’s crazy but I think sex has unimaginably helped women empowerment and the fight for equality.

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