MI Abaga Album
Photo credit: Facebook.

Nigerian rapper MI Abaga has complained about how oppression makes women better-suited for leadership than men.

The CEO, Chocolate City Records label said in an interview that because women were raised to go through vigorous training from house management and ensuring that everyone in the home is satisfied, they are moulded early for leadership than women.

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He said, “We were raised in a society that elevates men and oppresses women. Because women are oppressed, by the time they become like 18, 17 years old, they are better suited to leadership than men are.

A woman, from when she’s seven years old, her mum is telling her, ‘take this money, go to the market, come back, cook food… and this is training that most men don’t receive.

So, by the time she gets to university or she’s finishing secondary school, a woman knows how to manage her life. But men, we have no idea.

Then we start dating, but we’ve been told that we’re men. So here’s somebody who could do a better job of managing your life, but because she’s talking to you and because you feel as a woman she shouldn’t do that to you, what do we do, we start to lash out, we start to oppress. All this pain and trauma gets instilled in our society and we carry it on.”