Police Officer Dies Romp Lover
Superintendent Sunday.

There was pandemonium at the Police College in Ikeja, Lagos state, after a Superintendent of Police died during sexual romps with his lover.

It was learned that the deceased officer’s lover is a single mother of two.

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Although the woman denied being the cause of his death, she had since been detained by detectives from Ikeja Police Station.

Concise News gathered that she said they usually met in his office where they would have long and intense intimacy.

“He had already gone once, but as usual, he was not satisfied,” she said.

She continued, “In fact, I told him on that day that the drugs he used to take anytime we want to have sex is not too good for my body.

“I didn’t like it because I was the person that used to bear the brunt of it. He would be pounding into me for a very long time and because of the drug.

“He usually takes longer to cum.”

She explained further that on the day of the demise of the officer, identified simply as Sunday, after their first sexual encounter, he wouldn’t let her be,

“He started playing with me until his manhood became turgid again. He then started pounding into me again,” she added.

She said he started acting funny all of a sudden and rolled off her, off the couch to the floor and started jerking.

The deceased officer, who was learned to have been promoted to the rank of police superintendent, last month was due to retire in October.

Alarmed at his jerking and foaming from his mouth, the woman said she ran out of his office, screaming for help unmindful of her dressing.

Eyewitnesses rushed in to save him but he was stark naked and dead with his uniform on his office table.

Concise News also learned from Eagle Online that Sunday was a married man who was fond of having sex with women in his office.

Some police officers claimed he used to compel female recruits to have sex with him in his office.

His wife, who rushed down to the police station upon learning about his death, accused the Police Force of killing her husband.

Prior to his death, he was in charge of the Works Department of the Police in Ikeja.