This Is Satanic! Bus Preacher Screams After Receiving Less Than N5 Offering (Video)
Matatu-preacher. Source: Citizen Digital.

A bus preacher in Kenya showed his displeasure at a meagre offering he got at the end of his preaching session on a commercial bus.

According to a video posted on Twitter by Brian Mutinda on Friday, August 17, the preacher got angry when passengers only offered him one Kenyan shilling (N3,58) after he asked them to support his ministry.

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In the video, the preacher can be heard lecturing the passengers wondering how one “can give a man of God who will bury you, such money,” Citizen Digital reports.

“Can you give this to your child? You can’t! How come you can give me, a man of God?” the agitated preacher asked a passenger thrusting the money in his face.

“It’s satanic, evil-minded, you cannot give something like this. Even if you find it inside the bus, you can’t pick,” the furious preacher said.

Watch the video below…