Slovenia’s Parliament Appoints Sarec as Prime Minister-designate
Newly Appointed PM-designate of Slovenia, Majarn Sarec

Slovenia’s Parliament has officially agreed Marjan Sarec, as Prime Minister-designate.

The appointment is setting him on track to form a minority government and end the country’s longest political stalemate since an election.

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Sarec, 40, became the country’s youngest prime minister, with support from 55 lawmakers in the 90-seat body, side-lining the anti-immigrant SDS of ex-Prime Minister, Janez Jansa, which had won most votes on June 3, inconclusive ballot but was unable to cobble together a ruling majority.

Sarec, a former mayor in Northern Slovenia, has 15 days to pick his cabinet out of a five-party centre-left coalition led by his LMS party, which will depend on the backing of the leftist Levica party.

Levica supported Sarec but said it would not participate in his cabinet.

Analysts, however, say the minority government will likely prove unstable, constraining any attempts of radical reforms.

The difficulty, with which this cabinet is taking shape, suggest that it will be unstable and the risk of early elections in this parliamentary term will be high, according to a note by Teneo Intelligence.

“We can reasonably wonder how long this government will endure,’’ said Danijel Krivec, an MP of SDS.

Sarec told parliament he was not afraid to take responsibility.

“Deeds, not words, will be counted,’’ he said.