Falz This Is Nigeria, Falz Muric
‘This Is Nigeria’ video. Source: Instagram.

Director of Muslims Right Concern, MURIC, Professor Ishaq Akintola has urged Falz to show his intellect by taking them to court.

He said this after a sanction letter was written to a Jos radio station by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) highlighting his ‘This Is Nigeria’ viral hit as a banned song in terrestrial broadcasting station.

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Akintola said when they asked Falz to take down the video which portrays Fulanis and Muslims as killers, the artiste dared them to take him to court.

He said, “The video portrayed Fulanis and Muslims as killers. It also showed women in hijab engaging in the notorious ‘Shaku Shaku’ dance. Although reactions to similar provocative works of art had been violent in the past, MURIC as an elite Islamic group decided to adopt dialogue.

“We asked Falz to withdraw the video or we would sue him. Instead of showing remorse he dared us. We knew he could delay the court case for years because he is a lawyer and he would use every trick in the books to frustrate us. That was why he was boasting.”

The statement by MURIC further revealed that the religious group ambushed the rapper with a petition sent to NBC.

“Therefore, instead of going to court, we decided to ambush him by sending a petition to the video board. This week, the NBC banned the video and others like it. He should be the one to go to court now if he likes. Let him go and show how brilliant he is in court,” it read.

“He and his fans laughed at us when we complained about his provocative and vulgar video. But there is no doubt that he who laughs last laughs best,” the statement further read.