Uche Ogbodo
Uche Ogbodo. Source: Instagram.

Nollywood actress and fitness enthusiast Uche Ogbodo has reveal that her boyfriend motivated her to lose weight.

The actress who currently rocks an enviably trimmed body from a plus size which many suspect is as a result of childbirth, also said that her desire to remain beautiful inspired her to lose weight.

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She told Saturday Beats, “I had lots of motivation to lose weight, I always like to look beautiful and comfortable and I needed to take back my place in my career. Another major reason is because I didn’t want to be too out of shape because of my career; I didn’t want to be seen as old in the entertainment industry.

“My boyfriend always motivated me to lose weight. He used to tell me that I am beautiful and I needed to show it. I also didn’t want to lose him at that time, so since he was interested in skinny girls and deep down inside me, I am a skinny girl in a fat body; I had to shed some weight to feel better.”