World Cup
Englis player dejected after the defeat to Croatia. Getty Images

The Chairman of the England Football Association, Greg Clarke, has disclosed that the FA is preparing a bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay will present a joint bid for 2030 and Morocco have also said they will bid, while a joint proposal with Tunisia and Algeria is an option.

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If England’s bid is successful, it would be the first World Cup in the country since 1966 and the first major tournament for 34 years.

Clarke said: “Last month the English FA board agreed to conduct feasibility work into the possibility of putting itself forward to be UEFA’s potential candidate to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

“This work will take place during the new season and no decision will be made until 2019.”

One option is for a joint bid with the other home nations, while the UK government has said it will support a joint bid led by England.

Any bid would need to secure the nomination of UEFA and the support of a majority of FIFA’s 211 member nations.

A final decision on whether to bid will be made next year.