President Muhammadu Buhari

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to ignore those who recently defected from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and other political parties.

MURIC gave the advice in a statement on Monday by its Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola and made available to Concise News.

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According to the Islamic organization, Buhari should concentrate on developmental projects that will benefit the people rather than waste his energy on defectors.

MURIC also urged Nigerians to jettison party politicking and support the President who has been identified as the champion of anti-corruption not only on the African continent but also in the whole world.

The statement reads; “We are not moved by the number of defectors. The questions we should be asking is what is their quality? How much moral fiber do they possess? What has been their contribution to party followership?

“They have found an easy solution by defecting to the same party which prioritized corruption, idolized kleptomaniacs and rewarded criminality and impunity. These are the true enemies of the Nigerian people.

“Thieves are regrouping to loot again. We must congratulate Buhari for ridding his team of molls, pests, hypocrites and parasites.Majority of political liabilities and cogs in the wheel of progress are out of the way. But it is not over until the two big masquerades unmask and jump the fence into the traitors’ mafia camp.

“We voted for these defectors because of Buhari. We did not vote for them on personal merit. We pity the defectors. They are victims of collective amnesia.

“Have they forgotten that they rode on the back of Buhari in 2015 to get into what later turned out to be a den of thieves? Buhari was the magic name in 2015. He has not lost that magnetic aura.

“The records show that he has performed creditably well in spite of the deadly mines laid by traitors in that notorious den. Buhari is still the dot in the com”.