Ruggedman End Sars Dolapo Badmus
Ruggedman and SARS official. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian rapper Ruggedman has clarified that his End Sars advocacy is not for attention but to answer the begging need to ending police brutality.

The entertainer in an Instagram post made this known while reacting to Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus’s post on his “confusing” stance on End SARS and Reform SARS.

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Reacting to her post, the “Opomulero” crooner maintained that he would continue to campaign against police brutality in the country.

He wrote: “Different people hobnob with officers and officers hobnob with entertainers. Why its being done is what matters the most.

“Police officers are supposed to be approachable. They are supposed to be heroes in uniform but unfortunately opposite is the case in Nigeria.

“I am already Ruggedman and do not need officers for attention. I have had attention since 1999 when my 1st single dropped. I choose to use my position to affect positive change in Nigeria.

“Which was one of the reasons i accepted to support your #entertainmentmeetssecurity concert when you asked me.

“Officer @opetodolapo I remember vividly you asking people not to tag you on sars matters. I respected that because I respect you.

“I only tagged you today on officer @yomishogunle deceitful post because such lies coming from a whole commissioner of police is both embarrassing and disgraceful to the force.

“Just like someone commented, we are sure such an action is a crime somewhere. About my brother, I still thank you again for your assistance.

“That incident would not have happened if the officers were doing their lawful duty, instead of unlawfully arresting him and the other innocent people.

“The same way #Endsars would not have come up if the sars brutality and extortion isn’t still going on unchecked. Whether I stand with #endsars or #reformNigerianPolice is not supposed to be an issue.

“Ending police brutality, extortion. Kidnapping and unlawful arrests of innocent Nigerians is what top officers as yourself need to concern yourself with in order to gain the people’s trust and love back.

“The brutalisation seems to be on the increase, that’s what’s most important. Not any officer trying to subtly insult an entertainer who has always been doing his best to let the people know there are good officers trying to make things right. I am not your enemy.

“The officers making you look bad are. These are the ones you need to face and deal with. God bless you. #Olorisupergal #OSG”