Trump Meets May, Says US-UK Relationship Stronger Than Ever Before
Trump meets May, says US-UK relationship stronger than Ever Before

US President Donald Trump, on Friday, met with the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, with insisting that his country’s relationship with Britain was “the highest level of special,” hours after suggesting that May’s Brexit plan would kill a trade deal between the two countries.

The visit coincides with a tumultuous week for May after two senior ministers resigned in protest against her plans for trade with the EU after Britain leaves the Union in March, 2019.

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The duo addressed a news conference after talks at the prime minister’s country residence in Chequers.

Speaking alongside the PM, Trump said Brexit was an incredible opportunity and whatever the UK did after it left the EU was OK with him.

Theresa May said she and Trump had discussed plans for an “ambitious” trade agreement between US and UK.At the press conference, Trump made the following clarifications about his explosive interview with The Sun:

Trump explained that The Sun interview was “generally fine” but that The Sun missed out his positive comments about May, and hence amounted to “fake news.”

“This incredible woman right here is doing a fantastic job, a great job,” said Trump.

He also said that he had not given Theresa May any advice on how to deal with the EU/Brexit but that he did give her a suggestion and that he thinks May found the suggestion too brutal.

Trump described Brexit as a very tough situation, saying: “The only thing I ask is that she (May) work it out so that we can have very even trade.

“The US looks forward to finalising a great bilateral trade agreement with the UK.

“The relationship between our two nations is indispensable to the cause of liberty, justice, and peace,” he added.

Theresa May said the US was “keen” to do a deal with the UK, adding: “We will do a trade deal with them and with others around the rest of the world”.

She maintained the government’s Brexit agreement “delivers” on the referendum vote.

Earlier, Trump said he and Mrs May had spoken for an hour-and-a-half at the black-tie dinner, which he attended with his wife Melania at Blenheim Palace on Thursday evening.

“I think we probably never developed a better relationship than last night,” he said.

Despite the success of the three day working visit, thousands of people are still on the streets protesting against Trump’s visit in central London.

A large balloon, portraying Trump as a baby, has been floated in Parliament Square as part of the demonstrations. Other protests are due to take place across the UK on Friday and Saturday.