Unai Emery

Arsenal new manager Unai Emery has stated that he could not guarantee Jack Wilshere a starting role at Arsenal for “tactical and technical” reasons.

Wilshere had stated that his decision to end his time with Arsenal was because he had been informed by new head coach Emery his playing time would be “significantly reduced”.

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He has since signed for West Ham United on a three-year deal.

Speaking on his decision to let Wilshere go, Emery said “It was a tactical, technical decision.

“The conversation with Wilshere was a very good conversation. I explained to him my opinion and how I will want to create the team and not sure [I could] say to him he’s going to play in the XI.

“Also he explained to me the decision is not easy for him but he wanted to choose the best option for him. Every time it was with respect.

“I know this player is very important for the supporters, he grew up here with Arsenal. But I don’t give for him one post in the starting XI. It’s for that he chose to leave here and I respect this.”