Paul Pogba
France midfielder Paul Pogba (YouTube image)

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has said the French team has learned from their mistakes in 2016 as they battle Croatia in the final of the 2018 World Cup on Sunday.

The French side lost the Euro Championship in 2016 to less-fancied Portugal after beating Germany in the semi-final.

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However, the former Juventus man said mistake will not happen again.

“We are conscious of the situation, we do not want to make the same mistakes like two years ago. We want to work for it, to give everything we have to take this Cup home,” Pogba said ahead of the clash.

“I think at the Euro we thought it was already a done deal, the mentality was not the same as now. I cannot lie that when we beat Germany we thought that was the final. I know the taste of losing a final. I don’t want it to happen again.

“Against Portugal, we thought we had won it before the start of the game. That will not happen again.”

On their opponents, he said: “The Croats had a very difficult match and they were behind. But they are mentally very strong. There are two teams in the final, a Cup and there are 90 minutes more.

“For us, we are not the favorites. We stay as we are from the start of the tournament. We have no doubts, we play together, that’s our strength. We are chasing something and will do everything to succeed.”