Reno Omokri

Former Presidential New Media Reno Omokri has lambasted the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for sending 30,000 policemen to Ekiti State for the governorship elections.

The Nigeria Police Force stated that the reason 30,000 police personnel will be in Ekiti state for the July 14 governorship election is to ensure security during and after the polls.

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In a post on his Twitter handle, Omokri wondered why such amount of police was not deployed to Benue, Plateau or Taraba to secure lives.

He accused the federal government of sending such amount because they plan to rig the forthcoming election in favour of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Omokri wrote: “The Buhari administration is sending 30,000 policemen to Ekiti because they want APC to win. How come they never sent that much police to Benue, Plateau or Taraba to secure Nigerian lives? Securing electoral victory is always more important to them than securing Nigerian lives!

“It took only 24 hours for Buhari to mobilise 30,000 policemen to Ekiti for elections because he wants APC to win. Nigerians can now see that if Buhari wants killings by herdsmen to end, they will end. All he has to do is to send policemen to the killing zones with this same speed

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