Players from both teams have to be separated following an incident involving Jordan Henderson and Wilmar Barrios. AFP

Colombia manager Jose Pekerman has expressed his anger at England’s players, accusing them of diving in their World Cup last-16 clash.

And Pekerman was frustrated by the perceived antics of England’s players, insisting the officials will come down more harshly on them in Saturday’s quarter-final against Sweden.

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“Players fall in the box, they collide and fall,” he said.

“You have to try and stand in the shoes of these players. They are subject to situations which shouldn’t really be present in football.

“These interruptions are bad. When there are so, so many fouls and interruptions I think that’s not good.

“We have to try and find the right balance so that football can happen and the two sides can play the match with good intentions.

“We shouldn’t only look at Colombian players, people should look at England players. I wish I was wrong, but I think from the next match England will be much more careful.

“Today we were on the receiving end of this but I hope it won’t happen again. It’s been absolutely obvious, too obvious.”