Olu Michaels
Olu Michaels. Source: Instagram.

Rising Nigerian actor Olushola Michaels has called on the government to support the film industry in the country (Nollywood) like they support sports.

He extended this call to the Government at both federal and state level.

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In a chat with newsmen, Michaels said that actors in Nigeria are underrated despite the number of creative minds in the country.

He said, “Nigeria is blessed with lots of creative minds and as such it baffles me that actors are underrated in Nigeria as the industry equally deserves the same hype and attention given to the sporting activities most especially football. The industry has in its own little help in the reduction of tensions via quality movie production but yet the industry players are not been compensated by their own government.

“As part of supporting the industry also, the government needs to put active measures in the curbing of piracy which have eaten deep into the industry. While we have read in papers and several online platforms when a culprit is apprehended; the aftermath result is most time not known.”

He also employed lawmakers to look into providing strict laws that secures the protection of intellectual properties.