Russia’s air transport regulator has disclosed that a plane carrying Peru fans from Yekaterinburg to Tyumen in Russia landed safely on Friday after an engine fault.

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Safety concerns have plagued Russia’s airline industry, which has witnessed multiple fatal crashes in recent years. The engine of a plane carrying Saudi Arabia’s team caught fire earlier this week

The country’s aviation agency, Rosaviatsiya, had said on Saturday that a Utair plane carrying fans to Moscow via Tyumen had suffered engine failure.

“During the landing approach, there was a failure in the second turboprop engine,” Rosaviatsiya said in a statement. “As a result of the abnormal engine activity, smoke from overheated oil got into the passenger cabin of the aircraft through the air-conditioning system.”

Rosaviatsiya said the smoke cleared from the cabin and that the pilot was able to safely land the plane on one engine.