Bride-to-be caught cheating
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A fireman, who had an affair with a policeman’s wife has been dumped by his fiancée just days before their £20,000 (#26,740) wedding.

Robert Billings, 28, was ditched by 24-year-old Chloe Whitehead after she found out about his relationship with a married woman reports Daily Mail.

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Billings had been secretly seeing mother-of-two, Kath Parnell, 48, since last July – and even had sex with her in a Morrisons car park in the UK.

A friend of Chloe’s said: ‘Everyone was so shocked.

“Chloe is ­gorgeous and yet he cheated on her with a married mum-of-two who is nearly 50.”

The friend added: “He and Chloe were ready to get married and had spent £20,000 on their big day.”

Meanwhile, Kath’s husband, North Yorkshire PC Christopher Parnell, had paid a home visit to his wife’s toyboy, asking to see texts on his phone and leaving him ‘scared and intimidated.’