Herdsman (photo credit: BBC)

President Muhammadu Buhari should tackle herdsmen Killings as they have brought sorrow to the country, the Catholic Bishop of Owerri, Anthony Obinna, has said.

According to the cleric, Nigerians have been living as “brothers and sisters” before now, describing the killings as “painful.”

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Fr. Obinna was quoted by Vanguard as calling on Buhari to be a father to everyone in the country and not just a section.

“We have been living together as brothers and sisters. We have witnessed inter-tribal marriages in this country, but now, you can see how killings by herdsmen have brought pains and sorrow on many families in this country,” he noted.

“At this point, the President should know that he must be a father to everyone and not to a section of people. We are in Nigeria, and should be seen as one.

“The way things are going, you hardly believe that we have left the military era. The issue of governance is key to the development of this country.”

According to him, “We say no to thuggery in the polity. We must encourage Nigerians to go and register and have their Permanent Voter’s Card, PVC, in order to choose the right persons to be in positions of authority next year.

“We also use this opportunity to condemn the style of governance where a leader must starve the governed just to get followers.”