Omokri Blames Buhari For Rising Suicide Rate
President Buhari is seeking a second term in office (photo credit: TVC)

Former Presidential aide Reno Omokri has fingered President Muhammadu for the rising rate of suicide in the country.

A Lagosian over the weekend dived into the lagoon in Lagos with a report claiming that about 80 Nigerians have committed suicide in 13 months.

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And according to Omokri, the rising rate of the act, is a cause for concern, saying that the trend started when Buhari became President.

“The unprecedented rise in suicides in Nigeria since President Buhari rose to power is cause for alarm,” Omokri said in a tweet.

‘If this man is reelected, how many would be left alive in Nigeria? Already hundreds of thousands of our youths risk death to cross the Sahara into Europe.”