Media Playing Racism Card Against Africans - Roger Milla
Roger Milla/CNN

Cameroon great Roger Milla has alleged that the media is biased against Africans and do not give him due credit for his World Cup heroics.

Milla made a great showing at the 1990 edition of the competition in Italy. He came off the bench and bagged a brace in their 2-1 win over Romania, his second a fierce strike from the right side of the area.

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He also netted two against Colombia to make the Central Africans the first side from the continent to reach the quarter-finals.

Speaking ahead of the competition which begins on Thursday, Milla said told AFP that “The most beautiful goal was my second against Romania.

“I hope you’re going to write about it, because no other player has scored a goal like that!”

He wondered why “(the media) don’t talk more about Africans. For me, it’s because of racism!

“If a Brazilian, German or Frenchman had scored a goal like that, you would burst everyone’s eardrums talking about it.

“But since it was a Cameroonian, a black player, it was hardly talked about. Still, Europeans told me that it should be rated among the world’s best.”

Cameroon will not feature at the 2018 edition of the tournament even as African champions.