Dog, Toddler
A dog has earned himself the right to be called a hero after he protected a two-year-old toddler who went missing in the woods for two days.

The child, Charlee Campbell, went missing on Thursday from her grandmother’s home in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, where she wandered in the woods till Saturday.

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It was gathered that search crew went out to find the girl but failed till the second day.

On her “missing” sojourn, the girl was protected by her loyal pit bull named Penny who returned home with her on Saturday.

The dog returned home shortly before the toddler was found on their neighbor’s porch.

Penny did not only keep the child company, it also protected her from physical harm.

Charlee was reported to have suffered from dehydration and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The family of the child hailed the dog as their hero, stressing that the dog stuck with the child till she returned home.

Charlee’s grandmother, Beth Campbell said, “This is our hero right here” in a chat with WIS-TV.

The grandma expressed confidence that the dog never left Charlee’s side till they found their way home.

“When my dog didn’t come home, and my baby wasn’t home, she was not going to leave that baby until she got here,” Campbell said.

Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office reported that Penny arrived home shortly before neighbor’s found Charlee.

Police said on Facebook that “Charlee’s amazing survival story continued tonight when she walked up on a porch on Roy Layne Road this evening.”

In a statement released by security officials, “The homeowners realized who she was and contacted authorities. Ironically, her dog returned home on its own a few minutes prior to Charlee approaching the homeowners.”

Although, Charlee returned home safely with her dog, the police have maintained that investigations on her disappearance will continue.