Afeez Owo
Afeez Owo. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian actor and film maker Afeez Abiodun popularly known as Afeez Owo has revealed that he once tried to remove his tribal marks with sandpaper.

The actor who is married to actress Mide Martin told Saturday Beats that while growing up he hated the tribal marks on his face because he was always teased with it.

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Owo stressed that he would not allow anyone give his children tribal marks.

He said, “I am very comfortable with my tribal marks now and if anything ever wipes them off my face, I would feel bare or Unclad and my fans would not recognise me . While I was growing up in Surulere, there were a lot of times I was teased by people because of my tribal marks . They abused me so much but I did not care; today my tribal mark is my trademark.

“There was a time people teased me so much that I attempted to use sandpaper to wipe them off especially when bus conductors insulted me about it. They always picked on me and called me various names but I thank God for who I am today. I am also glad I did not get rid of the tribal marks.

“There is no insult anyone can dish out to me over my tribal marks that would hurt my feelings . Although I like my tribal marks , I can never allow anyone to give my children tribal marks.”