Man smashes self, suicide Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef was politically “getting weaker, more marginalised”, after continuous chipping away at his powers and influence, according to a foreign diplomat. AFP

A foreign man has made history after smashing self on the ground at the Grand Mosque, holiest Islamic city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to commit suicide.

Police said on Saturday that the man’s jump from the roof of the mosque resulted in “his instant death”

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SPA reported that this suicidal jump is the first in the holiest city of Islam, which like other monotheistic religion prohibits suicide.

It was gathered that the body was taken to the hospital for an autopsy, “to determine the victim’s identity, what led to the act and how he was able to commit it despite the existence of a metal fence,” SPA reported.

In 2017, a man set himself ablaze in front of the Kaaba, the black square stone in the heart of the mosque ground, luckily his suicidal attempt was stopped by security forces.