The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed . Twitter

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has said the federal government will not be distracted by frivolous allegations made to divert attention from President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievements.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday, Mohammed said the administration is too busy trying to clear the mess of 16 years and build on its unprecedented achievements over the past three years.

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Mohammed said that ex-presidentOlusegun Obasanjo’s “allegations” were meant to shore up support for a “waning and egotistical cause.”

He added that while those who have skeletons in their wardrobes should be afraid, even of their own shadows, innocent persons need not worry about any investigation, whether real or imagined.

The minister said it was curious that the frame-up and witch-hunt allegations came a day after a major presidential proclamation reversing some past acts of injustice was made, to the relief and acclamation of a long-expectant nation.

”This administration will never engage in a frame-up of innocent citizens. That is neither in the character of President Muhammadu Buhari nor in that of his administration. Only the guilty should be worried. To paraphrase an African proverb, a man who has no wife cannot lose an inlaw to the cold hands of death.

”The administration is also strongly committed to the tenets of democracy, including freedom of speech and the right to dissent. But we understand that those who, in their time, were untethered to those principles would find it hard to believe,” Mohammed said.