Praise Ogbonna Threatens to kill herself, Domestic Violence
Praise Ogbonna Tochi. Source: Twitter.

Nollywood actress Praise Ogbonna Tochi has threatened to kill herself after suffering domestic violence from her lover.

Snapshpot of a chat the actress had with one of her friends detailing how the assault began and her plans to take her life has also surfaced online.

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Ogbonna, who has revealed signs of depression, posted a photo of a knife and blade, stating that her man has inflicted bodily harm on her.

She threatened to take her life because, according to her, her lover made her feel worthless.

Ogbonna wrote on Instagram: “This is what I get for being in love. Someone should better talk senses into me now, or else I would use the last items on the last slide on me now. This is what I get for being nice, people always hurting me. Getting beaten up by a man. #domesticviolencevictim I do not know who I am anything, I am tired of suppressing feelings deep inside of me. @joroolumofin@iam_georgetown @woleadebayo Tired of smiling and suffering, from one challenge to the other and now this. I can’t believe I would ever be a victim, it hurts really bad. I feel worthless.”

The actress made a follow-up post saying she needs the help of any therapist.

“Please no calls. I need some time to myself. If there is any therapist I can have access to please do send me a dm. It is well. I’m off for now,” she added.

See the photos below:

Photo credit: Instagram.