Nigerian Senate

The Senate has set up an investigation into the alleged rape and torture of women in IDP camps by Nigerian soldiers in the Northeast.

Amnesty International in a report which was released in May with the title: ‘They Betrayed Us’, alleged that Nigerian soldiers rape and torture women in IDP camps.

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The resolution was reached on Wednesday during plenary after Senator Shehu Sani raised a Point of Order drawing the attention of the Upper chamber to the report by Amnesty International.

The Senate asked the Ad Hoc Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matter to investigate the veracity of the report made by Amnesty International on the plight of these women and report back to the lawmakers.

Also, Senator Shehu stated that the federal government and the Nigerian army dismissed the report.

He, therefore, asked the Senate to open an investigation into the report which he says has the capacity to undermine Nigeria’s integrity and its fight against terrorism.