PDP Tells Buhari To Quit As President
President Buhari is seeking a second term in office (photo credit: TVC)

The Peoples Democratic Party has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to quit since he lacks direction and does not mean well for the country.

National President of the party Uche Secondus noted this on Wednesday in a statement where he called on the National Assembly to evoke their constitutional powers and impeach Buhari.

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“Evidence are abound globally that by parliamentary powers the resolution of the National Assembly means that the people have lost confidence in the President and he should quit,” the statement added.

“We in the opposition have been saying it interminably that this government has no direction and does not mean well for the country.

“History is a witness that when a government is bereft of ideas and still wants to cling on to power, it resorts to use of brute force, intimidation and harassment of opponents, a quality we have seen very blatantly in this regime.”

According to Secondus, “The legislature and the Judiciary are the two main arms of any democratic government all over the World, but this administration has deliberately made the operations of the two very tasking in the last three years.

“How do you explain the assault on the nation’s Senate by an ostensibly Executive backed hoodlums who not only disrupted proceedings but abducted the mace the symbol of parliamentary authority, the framing up of the Senate President and some of his vocal colleagues in an armed robbery and other related criminal cases or the forceful infiltration of homes of Justices and Judges at the wee hours of the night with arms by operatives of a supposedly democratic administration.”