Asus gaming phone with cooling fan/

Computer giant Asus revealed a powerful handset designed for gamers that comes with a clip-on fan to keep it cool during “strenuous gaming sessions”.

The gaming phone with a removable fan, and a dual-screen laptop are among the new gadgets on show at the Computex conference in Taiwan.

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It also showed off new laptops with dual screens, which it plans to sell in 2019.

Asus’s gaming phone is the first Android-powered smartphone to be produced under the Republic of Gamers brand.

Its screen is capable of displaying 90 frames per second (fps) – more than regular phones – to make games play more smoothly.

There is also a range of accessories, including clip-on controllers that are vaguely reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch console.

A clip-on fan is also included in the box to stop the high-performance phone overheating.

Technology news site The Verge said it was the “highest-specced Android phone ever”, although there are not many games available on Android that take full advantage of the souped-up hardware.