Basketmouth. Source: Facebook.

Top Nigerian comedian and actor Basketmouth was all emotional during his session with a South African based psychic medium.

The psychic who was to be a medium between the comedian and his deceased mother, revealed he lost his second son through miscarriage.

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He was asked how many children he has, and he responded three children but two with his wife.

The psychic then asked how many male children he has and he said one. She insisted she was connecting with two boys.

She eventually asked if his wife ever had a miscarriage and he said a quiet “Yes”. The psychic then revealed that the child his wife lost during her miscarriage would have been a boy.

“I just need you to know, that was a boy,” she revealed.

She also asked the comedian if he experiences shoulder pains or pains around his neck, he also responded in the affirmative.

“That’s the son, but now your guardian protecting you,” she said.

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