Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle
Thomas Markle Jr and Meghan Markle. Source: Instagram

Brother of bride-to-be Meghan Markle, Thomas has said he regrets ever writing an open letter to Prince Harry, condemning her.

He told UK Mirror that the moment he wrote the letter was a brief moment of madness.

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“I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I had hoped it might jolt someone into giving us help,” Thomas Jr said.

He explained further, “I wrote to Kensington Palace months ago asking for their aid. We’ve all been so overwhelmed by the attention and have found it difficult living under such scrutiny.

“We needed guidance from the royals but didn’t get it.

“Our family was thrown into the limelight and there’s been enormous pressure on us all. It’s taken its toll on all of us. Much has been said, a lot of which I regret, but now after arriving in the UK and seeing Windsor Castle, I understand much more what this wedding means to people.

“The fact Dad’s not well enough to travel makes me want more than ever to be as supportive as I can to Meg.”

It was also gathered that his father blamed his heart attack on the letter he wrote the Prince regarding his sister.

Reacting to this, he revealed that the letter was unintended to hurt or upset anyone.

He said, “My letter wasn’t intended to cause hurt or upset. My earlier pleas fell on deaf ears, and after exhausting everything I could think of, I’d hoped my letter might shame the palace, I guess, into getting in touch.

“I was wrong. It wasn’t designed to humiliate Meg into inviting me, but more hoping we could get the help we needed. Ever since her relationship with Harry emerged two years ago, our lives have been changed forever.

“There hasn’t been a day gone by when the phone hasn’t rung or we’ve not been followed. It’s placed a massive strain on us all. Given our time again I’m sure we’d all handle it differently. I know I would.”

Thomas Jr. who is currently in the UK ahead of his sister’s wedding, said he may be cutting his trip short to support his father.

“I’ve tried calling Dad but his phone is off. Of course we’re all worried. What people must understand about my dad is that he’s an intensively private man. He doesn’t want to cause a fuss for anyone,” he added.