IGP Idris Ibrahim. Facebook

Ntufam Mba Ukweni (SAN) has urged the Senate to issue warrant of arrest on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris over his refusal to honour the senate’s invitation

The Senate had last week described IGP Idris as an enemy of democracy after he shunned the invitation for the third time.

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Speaking to Daily Post on Wednesday, Ukweni said: “His refusal to honour the invitation shows the character of the persons that are at the helm of affairs in public offices.

“If it is in a country where people abide by the laws, he is not even supposed to stay there the next moment. He supposed to have resigned on his own.

“The option available to the Senate is still there in the law but the question is, Senate has the power to issue warrant for his arrest but who is going to enforce it?

“That is the question, may be these are the areas he is capitalizing on, ‘let me see, I am the IGP, let me see a police man who will come and arrest me’.

“That is the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is not a person, we personalize governance and every issue relating to governance and public interest are personalized.”

He also noted further that, “If you make a statement that is in public interest, they personalize it that you are attacking the President. Even when issues you have raised are properly addressed and would assist in giving a direction to proper governance, they trivialize it and personalize it.

“That is why institutions become smaller than the people who occupy it; people who occupy public offices become bigger and larger than the offices they occupy.”