Widow, Married Men
Gwyneth Lee. Source: The Sun.

A 47-year-old British widow has claimed that her affair with married man has helped saved their long sexless marriages.

The widow identified as Gweneth Lee, made this known on a TV programme in the UK, on Tuesday, May 15.

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Lee who is a financial consultant from Chelsea, London, revealed that these men require her services because their long relationship with their spouses have changed.

According to her, situations like work, children and repetitive sex have made their marriage a normal routine, which has made them to seek sex with someone else.

Daily Mail reported that Gwyneth, a former model, said more than one of her sex partners have thanked her for saving their marriage with her relationship.

She said most of the men she has encountered are always in a long sexless marriage.

She said: “More than one man I’ve been with has said ‘Having an affair with you has made my marriage.”

“It’s taken the pressure off the wife who, maybe after 25, 30 years of marriage, they’re not into him anymore and he only has sex with his wife on his birthday, Christmas or their wedding anniversary, and she’s miserable doing it, she just doesn’t want to do it anymore,” she explained.