Imohimi Edgal, possessed student
Lagos police chief Imohimi Edgal (photo credit:Lagos State Police)

Lagos State Police Command have arrested a 45-year-old woman identified as Charity Iyonetu for punishing a 12-year-old boy.

It was gathered that the woman tortured the 12-year-old boy she alleged was possessed because he was expelled from school.

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The mother-of-two told police officers that she brought the boy from her hometown in Ugwuta, Imo state to Lagos when she saw him wandering the street.

Charity said when she asked why he isn’t in school, she was told that his father abandoned him because he was possessed.

She said, “I saw him when I travelled home and observed that he did not go to school. When I inquired about him from my sister, she said his father abandoned him on the claim that the boy usually caused problems.

So, I asked if he would come with me to Lagos; he said yes. I brought him to Lagos and enrolled him in a school.

“But I observed that sometimes, something would just enter into him which would make him to start destroying things at home. Also, he runs away from school. And when he comes back from school, he often sustains injuries.

“On Tuesday before the incident happened, I was told he had been expelled from school. When he got back from school, he tore all his books and said they had expelled him from school.”

Lagos State Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal revealed this arrest on Tuesday, during a parade of suspects at the police command headquarters in Ikeja.

He said: “The ordeal of the little boy came to the fore when on May 9, 2018, around 9am, the suspect used horsewhip to flog the child, inflicting injuries all over his body. She thereafter locked him in her one-room apartment with his two hands tied behind his back and left for her shop.

“The boy cried and shouted for help which made one Peter Aluku to call the police. When the police team arrived, they broke the door of the house and rescued the child.”

He revealed that Charity would be charged to the Special and Sexual Offences Court as soon as investigations on the matter was concluded.