Majid Michel
Majid Michel. Source: Instagram.

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel has given valid suggestions for the contagious menace of drug abuse in every society by youths.

He suggested that the problem should be tackled from the root because many people who abuse various drugs, do so out of low self-esteem.

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According to him, they see these drugs as a solution to their frustration, hence the use and when they are sober they may return to these drugs.

His words: “I think we have to tackle it from the root. I think most of the youth have lost their sense of identity that is who they are.

“So they believe if they go to take a drug, it gave them the confidence to do certain things they were not able to do when they are normal and it’s an addiction.

“It is also an appetite so when they become normal {or] sober, they realize the appetite comes back.”