Simi, Pressure
Simisola. Source: Instagram.

Multiple award-winning singer Simi has revealed that she challenges herself always to bring out the best in her music.

The “Smile For Me” singer revealed that she is a perfectionist, hence she likes to surpass her already set standard.

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Although, Simi is ranked among the top females singers in the country, she said in an interview that her friends also bring out the best in her.

She said: “I’m constantly in a lot of pressure. I’m a writer and they’re sometimes I play my songs to my friends and they’re like, ‘eh, its not there yet’ and then I see this same friend singing another song that is not even as nice as mine and while I want to complain and let them know how unfair it is.

“I also understand that there’s a standard you set and people expect you to either meet up or surpass, you can’t go from hundred to eighty and that’s it for me.

“I am a perfectionist and that shows in what I do hence I put pressure on myself to get the best out of myself for my fans because I know they’re expecting something great from me.”