Ekweremadu Says Undermining NASS Recipe For Failure
National Assembly Abuja. Twitter

Deputy President of the Senate Ike Ekweremadu has alleged that any attempt at undermining the National Assembly is a call for disaster.

Ekweremadu also lamented that some individuals were frustrating the activities of the National Assembly.

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Ekweremadu revealed this on Monday at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Onicha Uboma, Imo State, Okigwe South Diocese in Imo state.

According to him, “Although legislative resolutions do not carry the weight of law, they are nevertheless a key medium for stating the position of the Nigerian people on a subject matter through their elected representatives.

“Sadly, there is a blatant disregard for resolutions of the legislature across all levels of government.

“Certain executive appointments need confirmation by the people through their representatives because two good heads are better than one.

“Besides, the nation could be poorly run and tilt towards dictatorship if the president or governor has the absolute power to hire and fire.

“Also, in the course of exercising its powers of oversight and investigation, the legislature often has cause to invite executive officers.

“Unfortunately, Nigerians have continued to observe with utter dismay how some executive officers not only disdain legislative resolutions, but also shun legislative invitations.

“There is yet an emerging dangerous twist. People now rush to the courts to file processes in order to evade legislative summons.

“Some also go as far as seeking an order of court restraining the legislature from making laws or investigating a matter before it.”

In addition, he said: “I cannot imagine a situation where the legislature passes a resolution that the courts should not sit or discharge their constitutional functions. This is a recipe for anarchy.

“It still baffles Nigerians and the world that the hoodlums beat all the security presence at the National Assembly and the vicinity of the Three Arms Zone, disappeared with Senate’s mace, and nothing has been heard about them. We are moving on as if nothing happened.