Skales. Source: Instagram.

Nigerian singer Skales has made rounds in the news for walking out of an interviewer after he was quizzed on his artistic excellence.

The rapper turned singer was being interviewed by’s Victor Okpala about his song, “Booty Language”, when he got provoked.

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Concise News learned that Okpala had suggested that the song which made waves was below Skales abilities.

Okpala stated in an article regarding the sour interview that he became a fan of the artiste when he was a rapper and has been keen on knowing why he switched to music.

During the interview, Okpala took the opportunity to quiz Skales on the switch which many think was commercially inclined but the question offended the singer.

He was seen in the video getting paranoid at the interviewer and warning them not to publish the work.

The video has, however, gone viral generating mixed reactions with many blaming the interviewer.

See the video below: