Tobi and Cee-C
Tobi and Cee-C. Source: Instagram.

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Cee-C has reacted to Tobi’s demand for an apology about their fights during the show.

Cee-C said that she had already apologised to Tobi for using harsh words at him in the House because she was the guilty one.

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Cee-C also said Tobi had a fair-share of blame in their numerous fights.

The controversial housemate clarified in a chat with Media Hub Room that her apology during the show was not a game.

She, however, added that whether or not Tobi thought it is a game, “that’s his cup of tea and he can drink it.”

Her words: “I don’t want to sound defensive in here but the truth is I don’t think I owe Tobi any apology as at now. You know why? Because I have already apologised for using certain words at him; that is, what I know I said wrong. When I went into the House, I didn’t ask Tobi to come around me, I didn’t force him to like me. He should have simply walked up to me to tell me what I did wrong. One thing I know I did very wrong was the day that I used a lot of bad words to him, for that I apologised to Tobi.

“I apologised not because he wasn’t wrong or didn’t do anything to me, but because good attitude is all that matters. I felt like that is not who I wanted to be. I don’t want to hear Cee-C is this, Cee-C is that, and I don’t want that for myself either.”