Miracle Nina
Miracle and Nina. Source: Instagram.

Winner of Big Brother Naija 2018, Miracle has said in an interview that what he would never do is fight for a lady who is not yet his.

He told pressmen that Nina’s relationship with Collins is a thing she never hid from him during the show and all that happened between was only natural.

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When asked if he feels threatened by Collins, the N45 million winner said Nina explained to him that before she came to the show, she told her boyfriend to expect anything.

He said, “Since I came back, I chose not to go into social media for the while because I’ve heard of the negativity and positivity so I don’t want to see things that will weigh me down. The first time I heard about Collins was in the house and Nina was truthful about her boyfriend. She told me that before she came into the house, she had a discussion with him and she made him understand that she’s going to Big Brother House and so he should expect anything.

“So now, we are out and people are saying a lot of things about that. I don’t really get jealous like that. It’s her decision. Something I would never do is fight for a lady. It’s her choice. You know my intentions towards Nina so it is her decision to make.

“The only time I will fight for a woman is if someone is imposing himself on the lady and she makes her choice that I am the one. But on a neutral ground, you know my decisions towards you. So, it’s your decision to make.”