Tobi. Source: Instagram.

Second runner-up of the 2018 edition of Big Brother Naija show, Tobi Bakre has said that the 2017 winner, Efe, won out of pity.

Tobi said this when he was asked how he felt when he reached top three.

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The former housemate told Punch that he wanted people to love him because of the value he possesses. He added that this is what would be left on the minds of viewers after the show.

He opined that the 2017 winner of the reality show won out of pity because people did not see his values and potentials.

Tobi, however, added that he stands to be corrected.

His words: “I was so happy when I made it to the final three. I was very happy because I knew that at that stage, anyone of us could emerge as the winner. We did not know the amount of love people had for us outside the house.

“I particularly wanted people to love me and see the values that I had because I knew that whenever I left the house, that is what people would still love about me.

“Personally, I think that in the last Big Brother that held, people voted for the winner out of pity not because they really saw value or potential in the winner, that is just my personal opinion, I stand to be corrected. But as for me, I wanted to go to the house and let people love me to the extent that when I leave the house, I would be a mentor to other people based on my behaviour in the house. I wanted people to still want to know about the Tobi brand after the show and that was my driving force.”