Prince Tony Momoh/Photo:

Former Minister of Information and APC chieftain Prince Tony Momoh has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for not willing to expose former Presidents who have allegedly looted Nigeria’s treasury dry.

Momoh also called for exposure of those who have allegedly looted the country irrespective of how highly placed or political parties they belonged.

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Momoh said that exposing past public office holders, including former presidents, who corruptly enriched themselves while in office, would help Nigerians to know where their money went.

He said, “Those who have stolen should be exposed, whether PDP, APC or anybody. But one thing that the president seems to be unwilling to do is to expose those who have been presidents before in this country,” he told New Telegraph.

“If, for instance, all those people had also been exposed, then, Nigerians will know where their money went to.

“There is no political party involvement in blowing the whistle. Anybody who knows there is corruption anywhere should blow the whistle. You won’t get canned for blowing the whistle. So, let those who have the names of looters bring them forth and see if they won’t get a commission,” he said.