Syrian strike/

The US-led coordinated attack early Saturday attack on Syrian military installations has been received with approval by the Israeli and German governments.

Israel described the strikes as an “important signal” to the “axis of evil” -Iran, Syria and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

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“The use of chemical weapons crosses a red line that humanity can no longer tolerate,” Yoav Gallant, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, said on Twitter.

“The American attack is an important signal to the axis of evil – Iran, Syria and Hezbollah,” he added.

Germany has also backed the US-led attack on Syria, calling the action “necessary and appropriate”.

“We support the fact that our US, British and French allies … assumed their responsibilities. The military intervention was necessary and appropriate,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement.

“Everything leads us to believe that (Assad) bears responsibility” for the Douma attack, she added.

The US, UK and France have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an early morning operation targeting alleged chemical weapons sites.

The strikes are in response to a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma last week.

Explosions hit the capital, Damascus, as well as two locations near the city of Homs, the Pentagon said.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May had described the strikes as “right and legal”.

Four RAF Tornados had joined with US and French forces to carry out airstrikes in Syria early on Saturday.

The prime minister said that the “co-ordinated and targeted strikes” were the only option left to take in response to the chemical attack.

The missile attack by the allied forces destroyed a former missile base near Homs where the Bashar al-Assad regime is believed to have stockpiled precursors to chemical weapons.

“This is the first time as prime minister that I have had to take the decision to commit our armed forces in combat – and it is not a decision I have taken lightly,” she said.

“I have done so because I judge this action to be in Britain’s national interest. We cannot allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised – within Syria, on the streets of the UK, or anywhere else in our world. We would have preferred an alternative path. But on this occasion there is none.”