Bambam, Teddy A
Bammy and Teddy. Source: Instagram.

Evicted romantic pair in the ongoing Big Brother Naija Bambam and Teddy A have advised their fans to patiently watch them grow together.

The pair, who were romantically linked in the show, made it known that their focus currently is to make enough money.

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Bambam and Teddy A said being relevant is of utmost importance to them and their brand.

Although Teddy A, who has a four-year-old son and Babymama, revealed that he has spoken to his babymama, he didn’t spill anything about their conversation.

BamTed, as they were fondly called during the show, stressed that since their fans are not running away, they should watch and see him and Bamabam grow up together.

For more on the interview, read the full excerpt below:

Teddy A: It’s about making money right now. We have been gone for three months.

Bambam: These people would not look at our faces if we are drinking garri.

Teddy A: Do you know how much bills are piling up right now? Yea, everything that happened in the house was beautiful, but you people would have to watch things grow.

Don’t be under any pressure to see what would materialize. Because if anything [bad] should happen between us, you people would be the ones to carry it and say ‘Ah…’

Bambam: – [mimicking an interviewer] So Bamteddy, what happened to your relationship? So Bam you’re a gold digger, you prefer money to love?

Teddy A: – So guys, the koko of all these things is wanting to put our feet solidly on the ground. We want to stay relevant.

We want to have enough money that my mother would say ‘Teddy, send two million,’ and I send it without any questions being asked.

We want to focus on our careers solely, see where things go from there. You guys should not worry. Are you people running away?

Bambam: We need to take advantage of this vibe and build a solid foundation, so we don’t easily fade out of your faces. That’s what is important.

On his relationship with his Babymama, Teddy A said:

“I already talked about it before I left. So for right now, the conversation we have had, that’s between us solely. I can’t let that out there.”